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    Default Bought Car and Now Found Out Has a Junked Title

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Texas

    I bought a 06' Honda in 07' from a large Ford dealership in Dallas. I just found out that that the warranty was cancelled on the car 12/2006 and also that it was issued a junk title in New Jesey. My daugter has this car and has been getting various things fixed and they keep rebreaking. A mechanic checked out the car and said that it had been flooded. I paid 18 k for this car with a clean title and it turns out to be junk . I can't sell it to someone else knowing this. Do I have any recourse on tis matter ?

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    Default Re: Bought Car and Now Found Out Has a Junked Title

    Unfortunately the Texas lemon law does not cover this. If the title was branded, you're probably OUT OF LUCK because you should have noticed that at the time of purchase.
    If the car title should have been branded, but was not, then you may wish to contact the state Attorney General, they are in the middle of a class action suit on the subject.

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    Default Re: Bought Car and Now Found Out Has a Junked Title

    I assume it had a "clean" title. It may have been junked before, fixed, and re-issued a title. Many people do this for a living.

    And this purchase was from 2007? 5 years ago? You may want to chk into TX SOL for such claims.

    With all used cars, I have the seller state that various things have not been associated with the car...including this scenario. Next time you buy a car, do the same.

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    Default Re: Bought Car and Now Found Out Has a Junked Title

    the post before me is correct, *buyer beware*
    the title is the key to the matter, you should have received the title directly after purchase assuming you didn't lease it through the bank, the title would have all info on it including dates, if the dates where incorrect *RED FLAG*

    my only suggestion would be to contact a no charge lawyer for their opinion, we don't have all the info we need to make a complete judgement on the matter,

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    Default Re: Bought Car and Now Found Out Has a Junked Title

    Your daughter has also gotten 5 years out of it. It is a bit late to be looking for money back.

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