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    Default Car Repair is Taking an Unreasonably Long Time

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: New York. I have a 2001 Saab 9-3 Turbo that I purchased from a used car dealership in December. Last month my clutch gave out. I called a friend that owns a towing company, and auto repair shop. He has bragged to me on mutiple occasions about this former NASCAR mechanic that he has employed. Based upon friendship, he offered to repair my car at a discounted rate, about $300.00 in savings. I agreed to the amount and gave him $700.00 cash because he said he needed it to order the part, leaving a balance of $173.00. I gave him the cash at about 8:15am on a Tuesday when he came to my house and picked it up. He then said my car should be ready by late afternoon Thursday, or Friday morning at the latest. That was the first week of April. We are now on the 2nd to last day of the month and I still have not retained my vehicle. Now heres the twist. He contacted me Saturday...a day late and stated the car may or may not need a hydro boost cylinder which he says is basically the pump that push the clutch pedal back up once its been stepped on to shift gears. Not knowing anything about cars I took his word for it. He said he was having the part over nighted. This was the 2nd week he had the car. I called him the next afternoon and he told me the part didnt come and he should have it by Tuesday. Thursday there was still nothing. I just texted him 20 minutes ago telling him I just walked from my job. A 2 hour and 17 minute walk. He said "I gave them a talking to and I should have it Monday or Tuesday. I sold my $700 iPhone 4s for $500 to eleviate the cost of the repairs. Why did I sell my phone and I still havent not retained my car? I have spent well over $500 this month in bus fair, and paying other people to give me ride to and from work. I don't know what to do any more. My boss thinks I'm lying and that I just don't have a car anymore. I am at a point now where the friendship means nothing to me when you jeopardize my career, my everyday life, and my lively hood. What should I do? I fear that if I attempt or even threaten to sue him further "repairs" may be needed

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    Default Re: It Doesn't Take This Much to Fix a Clutch

    go get your car. Hire a tow truck or flatbed if necessary, and take it to another mechanic. Plan on paying your "friend" for what he already did. Let the new mechanic look at the car to see what is needed.

    btw: it is not a hydroboost cylinder that returns the clutch pedal. A hydroboost unit is actually a hydraulic power assist unit used on some GM vehicles in place of a vacuum booster for the brake system, which is what is used in most cars. I suppose since GM did own Saab for a time, they might have used hydroboost units on some of their cars but still, it has nothing to do with the clutch return. I would have to do some looking around but I believe a spring is used to return the clutch pedal.

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