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    Default Neighbor Caused Thousands in Landscape Damage

    My question involves real estate located in the State of: Kentucky

    My husband and I bought a fixer-upper 2 years ago. To the south of us is our next door neighbor who has a 6 foot wood fence and a wall of mature shade trees running the length of our lots. Last summer I spent $3,000 on plantings and landscaping for the very neglected yard. Everything was based around the fact that the yard gets minimal sunlight from those trees. We went on a trip last weekend and when we came back, the neighbor had cut down every single tree in her yard. There is nothing left except for barren trunks about 3 feet high. When my husband asked her about it, she said she was just "tired" of the trees. Except now, our yard is blindingly bright and 90% of what we planted is going to die from the extreme amount of sun. Am I out all of this money I spent on the yard? Did our neighbor have any responsibility to tell us she was going to do that beforehand? I am really mad I have to spend more money to redo perfectly good landscaping.

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    Default Re: Neighbor Caused Thousands in Landscape Damage

    Nope, your neighbor has no liability to consult you about her landscaping, unless it would change water drain flow onto your property. I suggest you reorganize your landscape and possibly add your own trees to provide shade.

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    Default Re: Neighbor Caused Thousands in Landscape Damage

    Yup, you are out. They were her trees to do with as she pleases.

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