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    Default Accident and Compensation in a Hire Car

    Firstly, forgive me for have a lack of understanding regarding this situation. I have a feeling that very little can be done to resolve but felt I must try and seek some guidance on any potential remedies..

    Just before last christmas I was driven into by a Bulgarian lorry drive whilst in a hire car for the day. I was run off the road and the car sustained considerable damage.

    On returning the car to the hire company I was made aware that they required me to pay the excess (500) until the compensation had be recieved from the Lorry drivers insurance company.

    It is now over 4 months later and apparently no resolution has been sought.. Due to the nationality of the lorry driver it is apparently proving difficult to track down the insurance company. I am just wondering if there is anything I can do to push this forward or whether I just have to sit tight and hope that they find the offending parties..?

    Thanks again


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    Default Re: Accident and Compensation in a Hire Car

    US Law only.

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    Default Re: Accident and Compensation in a Hire Car

    For matters of UK law, try here.

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