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    Default Contract Employer Wants Social Security Number but No W-9

    My question involves independent contractors in the state of: Washington

    Hello There,

    I have been asked by a past contract employer for my social security number, but not a w-9. I don't feel comfortable giving this information out without the proper forms. What are the proper channels for delivering this information?

    On another note, they are requesting my social security number after the tax submission deadline. The contracted work was performed over a year ago and the invoices have been paid($800). I thought independent contractors were required to fill out w-9's at the time of service(work) and then the employer was to fill out a 1099. What to do?

    Thanks for reading.

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    Default Re: Contract Employer Wants Social but No W-9

    If you prefer to give them a W-9 instead of just giving them your SSN, nothing is stopping you. They get your SSN either way.

    You either give them your SSN or you do not. Whether they are late in reporting their tax obligations to the IRS is beside the point.

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    Default Re: Contract Employer Wants Social but No W-9

    There is nothing they can do to compel you to give them your SS# after the fact. They should not have paid you over $599 without getting the SS#. The W-9 is the proper way to do this. In my business, I tell the person I'm happy to pay them that 600th dollar I owe them, and everything over that, once I have the information required for me to comply with the law.

    However, even if you decide not to give your SS# to them (and you'd only want to do that if you ever hope to work for them again - understand?) you are still required by law to report the income you received from them. You cannot fail to report the income simply because they did not give you a document. Many businesses don't get 1099-MISC, such as hair salons. They still have to report their income, and so do you.

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