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    Default Co-Worker Making Suggesive Comments

    My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: Georgia
    My fiance is a new nurse working at a county jail. One of the deputies that works the night shift has been talking about her to other deputies and inmates as well. She is Italian-American and I am Jamaican. Apparently this deputy has told other inmates that "she is dating a black guy so if you want to get at her now is the time." Supposedly he's being sexually suggestive. Apparently this isn't the first time he's done something like this. You mention his name to a few people and its obvious he has a reputation of this behaivor and has recently caused another nurse to leave the jail and seek employment elsewhere because of his behavior. My main concern is for her safety because its one thing to gossip among co-workers but to tell inmates?! A lot of which are incarcerated for sexual and assult crimes. I'm not sure if this is an ethical or legal matter, none-the-less is there anything that can be done legally or is it just he say, she say?

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    Default Re: Co-Worker Discrimination

    When she reported these sexually suggestive comments to HR, what did they say?

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    We discovered this yesterday. Her next shift is tonight and she is going to make her supervisor aware of the issue. The issue with the jail is that medical staff and security are employed by two different companies although they work side by side. Her supervisor will have to make this know to on of the supervisors in charge of security and go from there.

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    Yep - your fiance needs to report this to her supervisor and any other appropriate members of management (such as HR.) If there have been prior problems with this jerk, then perhaps her complaint will be enough for his superiors to show him the door. If it's not and there is any further repitition of his behavior (suggestive comments to her or inappriopriate comments about her), she needs to report those immediately to management.

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    If she has not done so already, it is imperative that your fiancée report the deputies’ comments to her supervisor and/or her employer’s HR Dept. (She should check the employer’s anti-harassment policy to make sure she contacts the appropriate manager and/or department.)

    If these types of comments continue after she has internally lodged a complaint, then she should contact the EEOC to file a harassment charge.

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