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    Default J1 Holder Facing Misdemeanor Conviction


    First of all, I want to thank everyone contributing to the forum.

    I am on J1 as a visiting professor. I have lived and worked in NY for 3 years. I was involved in DWI recently and will probably get a three-year probation.

    My DS2019 Form expires in September 2013.

    In this case:

    -What are the chances my school will find out? Will the court notify them? If so, would they take action to terminate the program and send me my home country?

    -My wife is on J2 as my dependent. And she wants to travel out of the the US this summer. Can my conviction cause her any problem in the port of entry?

    -And finally, if I get the three-year probation, I am wondering how it will work out since I have to leave the country a year and a half later.

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: J1 Holder Facing Misdemeanor Conviction

    You need both immigration and criminal attorneys. Since you are highly paid, you do not qualify for a public defender. Expect to pay dearly for your legal advice.

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