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    Default How to File a Complaint Over Slow Lawyer

    My question relates to legal practice in the state of: UNITED KINGDOM.

    Hello all,

    I'm new here and first off I am based in the UK but am here on a recommendation. My mother and father split up about 5 years ago and my mother, though she didn't want to, filed for divorce. To cut a long story short she paid for all the divorce and didn't contest anything, the divorce was applied for on grounds of mutual consent and all their assets were split 50/50.

    Onto my question. The Solicitor she originally hired was atrocious, painfully slow and caused her a lot of stress and upset. She transferred to another lawyer a few months ago and after she finally got it, mum was granted an absolute within 2 weeks when the previous lawyer had her documents for over 2 years!

    Basically, after she paid him and he said it would take 6 weeks to process the divorce, it took over two years, and constant harassment what was replied with "He is very busy" from his secretary and no response from him at all. Mum finally changed lawyers and even after the new laywer legally requested the divorce documents he didnt send them. And all the while he always made it sound like we were being an inconvenience. He was being paid to do a job that he didnt do! At my advice mum then filed a greivance with the ombudsman and it was only 2 weeks ago, one day before the deadline of the ombudsman taking action against him and the fact I visited him with mums new laywer and refused to leave his office until we had them that he finally gave them over.

    Now thats done, I want to basically prevent anyone else to go through the trauma mum had to by using him. Am I able to get him investigated or similar? And is it worth me writing a letter to the local papers etc?

    Any advice would be MUCH appreciated. My mum almost had a stroke due to thr stress this person caused her and I do not intend to let him get away with out being investigated or disciplined.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: How to File a Complaint Over Slow Lawyer

    I have no idea about the UK. Maybe someone else here does.

    Is there a regulatory agency which licenses attorneys and which has rules they must follow? Here it is the BAR association and they accept complaints from citizens, investigate and can discipline attorneys.

    No, I wouldn't write anything public. That's just letting off steam and I don't know your laws on defamation. Here, you can't be sued by the lawyer for filing an administrative complaint with the BAR, but you could be for defamation if you wrote a public complaint.

    Remember you are dealing with an attorney who knows more than you.

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