My doctor prescribed me progesterone only birth control pills by calling it into my pharmacy, however I was expecting regular birth control pills (for polycystic ovaries), and so took the pills accordingly. I became pregnant. My doctor told me it was ectopic and prescribed Methotrexate. I followed her instructions. Upon further testing, my hcg levels continued to rise indicating a growing pregnancy. My doctor concluded I had a tumor and scheduled an appointment for me to see a an Oncologist a week later. I asked my doctor if the situation was more urgent, she said no. Within 24 hours I was nearly dying from an ectopic rupture. My blood pressure went down to 29/19. I was rushed to the emergency room where I was admitted for emergency surgery. I needed 2 blood transfusions.

I recovered, lost a fallopian tube, but most painfully I lost my baby. The progesterone only birth control pill slowed down the embryo's migration and thus implanted in my fallopian tube. I don't know what my rights are or if I have any in this case, but I can not let it rest until I know. I am hoping someone will help me. Thanks