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    Default Personal Injury Orthopedic Doctor

    My question involves an injury that occurred in the state of: CA

    My daughter was injured in an auto accident where the other person insurance has accepted liability for all injuries. My daughter was referred by her pedicatrician to Physical Thereapy. After about 3 months of therapy and she did not improve has the therapist hoped for they referred her to an orthopedic surgeon to review her mri etc. Per the Orthopedic surgeon he said she had bulging disk and DDD. He said it was all from the car accident. He recommended she go back to physical therapy and have traction which she did and it has help tremedously. Thus far she has been doing well with continue her exercises at home.

    My concern with this Orthopedic surgeon is he keep emphasizing to me that he can't do much to help her unless I get legal representation. Well, he hasn't done much anyway other than refer her for traction. I don't see much he can do because surgery is NOT an choice and she had already done therapy. I don't understand why that should play a part in her care when my private insurance is paying all her medical bills and will recoup once I receive a settlement.

    Have anyone ever heard of such from a doctor? Is it money in his eyes? I think at this point my daughter has improve as much as she will.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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    Default Re: Personal Injury Orthopedic Doctor

    If you want to know what the doctor is thinking you will have to ask him. I don't know why he suggests retaining counsel, and don't see how he would stand to gain from it if your daughter is already receiving treatment paid for by her insurance.

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    Default Re: Personal Injury Orthopedic Doctor

    He may be considering an artificial disk replacement. There may be some conflict between your regular health insurance approving it and the insurance company reimbursing it. A lawyer can bridge the treatment gap.

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    Default Re: Personal Injury Orthopedic Doctor

    I've searched some information to see if I could find a similar case but most cases are the other way around lawyers recommending that you seek a certain type of doctor. I my opinion you should get a second opinion at least because it wouldn't hurt and maybe change doctor.

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