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    Default Unfairly Suspended and Demoted, Reduced Wages

    My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: California. I went to a manager I to ask if he or anyone else can sign off on a credit card authorization for the president of the company while he was out of town. He decided to try to forge the signature. He was unsuccessful so another manager did it successfully. The head manager gave me the form to fax over to the hotel. When my manager returned from vacation I told her of the incident. She said I was backed by a manager & i am not to blame for the unlawful incident. The following week I was shocked to hear I was being suspended without pay for 3 days & demoted. The other managers were not disciplined at all to my knowledge & she continues to treat me horribly. Is there anything i can do? I dont even think the pres/owner knows anything about this since the other two managers still have all same responsibilities as before - even signing company checks!!

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    Default Re: Unfairly Suspended and Demotion/Reduced Wages

    If you mean, have they violated any laws, no, they haven't. It may be unfair but it was not illegal.

    However, have you discussed this issue with HR?

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    Default Re: Unfairly Suspended and Demotion/Reduced Wages

    My manager IS HR

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    Default Re: Unfairly Suspended and Demotion/Reduced Wages

    I'm afraid there's nothing you can do. It may be unfair to discipline you and not the managers involved in forging the CEO's signature but it's not unlawful.

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