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    Default Two Names on Lease, Are Both Parties Responsible for All or Half of the Rent

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: Minnesota

    My roommate moved out before the lease ended. I could not afford to stay there on my own, got an eviction notice, so I moved out. The missed rent, fees, interest, etc have now gone to collections. I have been at the same job for several years and my paychecks are getting garnished. He moves around from job to job and is difficult to track down. He is not paying for anything right now.
    Question 1: Am I responsible for 100% of the money due or just half? Both of our names were on the lease.
    Question 2: His social security number was on the paperwork to get rental approval, how come the collectors aren't going after him? Is it because they don't care who pays the bill, just as long as someone does...
    Question 3: What action can I take to get him to pay half of what is due?
    Question 4: What rights do I have against the garnishment, and the collection agency?

    Thanks everyone, this has been a hassle for awhile now and I want to figure something out one way or the other!!

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    Default Re: Two Names on Lease, Are Both Parties Responsible for All or Half of the Rent

    1. You were both liable for the total amount.

    2. because they didn't want to apparently

    3. sue him

    4. none

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