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    Default How to Get My Name or Proof of Partial Ownership for a Car I Purchased with a Friend

    My question involves vehicle registration or title in the state of: California

    OK, so I bought a car off auction with a close family friend and I never had my name put on the title because he had told me that he would put it in his name and make payments on the insurance (He had also said we would sell it in a week so it wouldn't matter whose name it was in). However, I did pay 1/2 of the registration fees. I also invested close to $13,000 in the vehicle. Most of it I can prove. We ended up trading the first car for a second one and now the title is being held by a dealership. Apparently when we make the sale it will be through the dealership.

    We are currently trying to sell the vehicle, but I want to have as much security about this sale as possible. I would also like to get proof of our partnership and interests in the vehicle as I have a sinking feeling about the money issue when the car does sell (how it will be split up). My question then is how can I get legal proof of my monetary interest in this vehicle? Can I draw up a partnership agreement or something like that. Since now, neither of our names are on the vehicle, what should I do? I am constantly being led on and it is frustrating, also trying to convince my family of whats going on because like I said this individual is really close to my family. I just want to keep this about title and ownership rights for now. Its such a headache, but any advice is really appreciated.

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    Default Re: How to Get My Name or Proof of Partial Ownership for a Car I Purchased with a Fri

    You don't own this car. What do you mean "neither" of your names are on the car.

    You can have all the agreement you want but if you've been investing in someone else's property, you're going to lose.

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