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    Default Slandered by Management of Previous Employer

    My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: Wyoming

    I am wondering what my options are. Members of management form a previous retail job are claiming that I was terminated for embezzling funds. I was never
    terminated, nor accused of such acts. This has been repeted to 5 current and past employees that I am aware of. I was formerly the Store Manager of this business
    and currently manage another retail store. This is effecting not only my career, but my standing in this community. Any help with what my options to stop this
    would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Slandered by Management of Previous Employer

    The place to start is with a consult with a local attorney who handles personal injury litigation. You may have a claim for slander if their false statements have or will cause you economic harm. He/she may advise sending a "cease and desist" letter threatening legal action if these false statments continue.

    You'll also want to discuss with the attorney what it will take to prevail if you file a civil suit (the burden of proof is on you to demonstrate that they made these statements and to who) and what it will cost to pursue litigation.

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    Default Re: Slandered by Management of Previous Employer

    Thank you Beth, your response was helpful.

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    Default Re: Slandered by Management of Previous Employer

    Every state has statutory protection for employers in providing reference information. You can't sue a former employer generally speaking for anything they might say about you. There might be an exception to false claims of criminal conduct, but you need to speak with a qualified defamation attorney who will have to do some case law and other research to see if a civil action is even possible in your state under the circumstances of your situation.

    Sending a certified letter to the employer outlining their slander and the truth might at least put a stop to it.

    Chances are your state has a media retraction law. Even if the employer is not a media defendant, I would still follow the retraction standards. They might be stupid enough to reply and admit their conduct or try to explain it away.

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