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    Default Unfair Detentions Without Required Documentation

    I don't know if this falls in the same text as what you are researching but I hope it kinda does. My 11 year old goes to a local elementary school. He is constantly being harrassed by one in particular Teacher. When he got this teacher for Language Arts, at the beginning of the year, I requested that he be changed to another teacher but was denied. Now, his teacher is always giving him detention. I don't mind my kid doing the time for the crime but my thing is that the school lets out at 2:20 pm. He has to stay until 3:15. The policy and procedure for the handbook says that I need at least a one day notice before the detention is received and for what infraction. However, my son is told to call and tell me around the same time I'm ready to pick him up. This is a real inconvience if I have other things to do and I have contacted the local school board and complained.
    Today there was a note on his log that said that we "should not" call the office and that the kids WILL do the time from 2:30 to 3:05 without prior notice. When I spoke with the director, he said I was correct and that he would be speaking with Principal and the Teachers-that was yesterday and the note came out today.
    What other actions can I take!

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    Default Re: Bullying Administrators at Schools Make Their Own Rules

    Is the problem now resolved, following the director's intervention?

    Perhaps the best long-term solution would be to encourage your child to behave in class.

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