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    Default Partner Stopped Paying Bills and Closed the Business

    My question involves business law in the state of: Mississippi

    In October of 2011 a long time friend of mine wanted to start a medical clinic. She is a Nurse Practitioner so I put up my two cars as collateral on a business loan that she and I signed. The day we opened, Nov 14th, her former employer in town called the state Board of Nursing on her and to make a long story short, caused enough problems that she got her license suspended for one year. Needless to say, she hired a good friend of hers to be a Nurse Practitioner till she received her license back. Between the time in early November and opening day with the new Practitioner on Jan 4th 2012, she started to accuse me of everything under the moon. I had no daily dealing with day to day running of the business. I basically stepped away and let her run it because I was going to lose a good friend if it kept up. I never intended to ever work there....just an investor. I have not had any contact with her for 2.5 months. The clinic was open and all appeared fine. The other day it was closed and the Nurse Practitioner that was working there called me to tell me that my partner had closed it. She had not paid anyone for 9 weeks and had run up great debt. I recently found out that she claims to all the debtors and some patients that I embezzled money and that was why she couldn't pay anything.

    I want to know if there is anything I can do to lock the company down and keep her from taking assets out of the business until I can get my lawyer to help legally sort this out. I know there is approx. $30 to $40000 in receivables and some physical assets that could be used to pay some of the debt down. What are my options.....Please help. I think I have a Fraudulent Misrepresentation case against her and possibly a Tort for breach of contract. NEED HELP!

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    Default Re: Partner Stopped Paying Bills and Closed the Business

    You can talk to your lawyer about seeking an injunction to try to freeze assets or accounts.

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