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    Unhappy Professor Threatens Graduation As Punishment

    My question involves education law in the State of: Louisiana.

    Hi everyone- thanks ahead of time for your guidance!

    To keep this short:
    I am working on a graduate degree in Music. I have a 4.0 gpa.

    I am having the following issues with one of my professors:

    -After a recent dress rehearsal, I talked to my professor (in private) about how bad our pianist was and if we could find another. Apparently others must have done the same, because we got a "group talking to." During which, he shouted at us, called us "unprofessional", and said to the group "If I see one more eye roll, I will take it out on your jury grade." (I know this is confusing, but the complaints were about Opera Class [which he does not control the grade for], so he threatened to take it out on a grade for a different class.).

    -While carpooling to a performance, my professor talked to me about another student. He said "It is pathetic that 'John' won't be in the chorus. He is just being a baby because he didn't get a lead role. I'm going to take that out on his jury grade." (Again, threatening the grade of the Jury [the class he teaches] because of actions in Opera Class [the class his boyfriend teaches and he sometimes helps with.])

    -During a rehearsal, my professor gave me a suggestion for a certain spot in the music, to take it slower. (Typically, this is an opinion, and it comes down to "personal artistry."). I said "I disagree, I like to take this part fast and act angry." The Professor said to me in front of the entire class "This is a note from someone older and wiser than you, and you will do it. Sit down."

    -My professor assigned a song 2 weeks ago, and I have been unable to find the music. Neither the library, nor other professors own it and it is on back order with the publishing company. I asked for a 2 day extension so I could ask an old professor to mail me a copy. The professor replied "You have no idea how angry this makes me with you right now. You will have to take a zero."

    -While rehearsing a song, my professor told me "It is obvious that you haven't done any work on this, 'Suzie' sounds much better than you."

    -During the performance, this professor put vodka into our onstage prop (it is supposed to look like a mixed drink, but is just colored water). Many underage students drank it, and this was very dangerous as you can easily fall into the orchestra pit. He acknowledged that it was him and apologized, but no action was taken.

    *I understand that some teachers use "shouting" as a way to motivate students. However, this professor shouts very often and it is becoming extremely discouraging. I am at the point where I hate my program, and I feel like I have to be very careful about every word or even facial expression that comes out or it will be reflected in whichever grade he happens to control at the time. I am wondering if the University system in Louisiana has any rules of conduct for professors that would apply to this, or if there is a certain department on campus that I should speak to. Or, if I should just ignore it, do my best, and get out of here.

    Thank you!!

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    Default Re: La. Prof Threatens Graduation As Punishment

    You can usually file a complaint with the dean of the school you are in. Doing so, can be suicidal to your education.

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    Default Re: Professor Threatens Graduation As Punishment

    You titled this thread, "Professor Threatens Graduation As Punishment". I don't see any facts in your post that suggest that any such threat exists. Please share the relevant information.

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