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    Question Stopped by Random People

    My question involves defamation/slander in the state of: Michigan.

    I'm not 100% sure what this would classify as, but here's what I am currently dealing with:
    My ex and I had a very horrible breakup. It escalated to him somehow getting (and managing to stick) a PPO on me. This doesn't really bother me as I have no need or intent to contact him, but it does complicate things in light of present issues.

    Lately whenever I go somewhere I'm getting 'stopped' by random people. Almost all of them being people that I have never met or even seen before. It's the same basic chain of events;
    Person says I 'look familiar' or they 'know me' from somewhere
    I ask "how" and/or "why"
    They give me a huge story of how they know my ex-boyfriend
    They then share tons of information they have heard from my ex-boyfriend about me, our relationship, our breakup, and the resulting legal issues

    This has happened 8 times so far.

    My ex has been sharing info about me being raped and the resulting pregnancy (and miscarriage) from said rape. These are true events. (I was raped, I got pregnant, I had a miscarriage) But in my ex's version of the story; I'm the crazy b**** who wanted to have sex, I lied about being pregnant, and the miscarriage was my 'last attempt at getting love, attention, and sympathy".

    Last Friday it escalated even further; I went to a concert at a local coffee shop. My ex and I both go there quite often and it's safe to say we 'know everyone'. Before I even paid for my ticket the head of security pulled me aside and explained to me that my ex had sent him numerous facebook messages in regards to the PPO and requesting that if I were to show up...that 'protective action' be taken. The PPO has been modified to the point where we can be in the same place at the same time; hence no reason to share that information with...well...anyone!

    Obviously with a PPO against me I can't simply ask my ex boyfriend to stop spreading false, hurtful, and slanderous messages/rumors about me.
    But what can I legally do to make him stop?

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    Default Re: Stopped by Random People

    It's legal for your ex- to inform others that there is a restraining order against you. In terms of whether your ex- exaggerated the scope of the order, perhaps he told the coffee shop person about the order before it was modified.

    If lots of random people are stopping you and saying "You look familiar", it's probably because you look familiar.

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