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    Default Can You Break a Lease if You Can't Evict Your Roommate

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: Rhode Island.

    OK- So, long story short but I rescued my mom from being homeless. She was living/working at the same place ( CNA- live in job) when the woman that she was caring for passed away. My mother continued to live there for about 5 months after the woman passed away without paying rent- Much to the owners disapproval (he is the son of the woman who is now passed away). He finally got her to leave, and my mom was about to be homeless so I let her move in to my apartment, on the terms that it would be for about' 2 months until she got a new job, back on her feet, etc. Well, months have passed and it has now been about 7.5 months. She does not work or do anything all day long. She refuses to look for a job, yet claims that she "tries" but she just can't get out of bed. She constantly tries to borrow money from me or scam money out of me. I pay the majority of the bills but she gives me half of the rent (cash only) from her social security/disability check. The only reason she could move in with me in the first place was because my room mate at the time had gotten kicked out of school so she had to move back 'home.' I can afford the rent alone no problem- , but to help my mom I let her move in. I refused to let her live there rent free though because I work really hard for my money. I am a 24 year old nursing student and I have lived on my own since I was 16 because she abandoned me when I was about 13 and I moved from family member to family members house. Anyways, so she moved in and it has been nothing but problems. She wont work, she sleeps all day, I always had to drive her to her appointments, food shopping, etc. but its gotten to the point now where she steals my car and makes me late for work/school/etc. She has her belongings all over my apartment and threw away most of my belongings because she didn't like them?? Its like she thinks its her apartment. I can't even sit in my own living room because she has so much stuff everywhere. I can't have my friends over or do study groups for school at my place because she is so embarrassing and obnoxious. She is physically abusive and her hit me before as well as been extremely verbally abusive. She has also tried to get me kicked out of nursing school by calling the cops on me for NO reason. (I have family members as witnesses). She is bipolar, delusional, has severe depression, etc. and even tries/threatens to get me kicked out of my apartment! I have taken her to more doctors than I can count, I just can't be responsible for her any more.

    SO.. I want her out of the apartment. I sleep home MAYBE 2 nights a week because I can't be near her, yet I pay 75% of everything. I am tired of her taking advantage of me.

    here are some other details you may need to know..
    -my OLD room mate's name is still on the lease. She moved out in August. The landlord said she could have back her security deposit WHEN he gets one from my mom. My mother still has not given any type of security deposit to the land lord.
    -my name is also on the lease, and ALL of the bills are in my name

    can i evict my mom?
    If not, and I ....
    decide to move instead of her, can I break the lease without being penalized? would I be able to get back my security deposit?

    and before anyone judges me, there is a lot more to the story. Sorry for all the personal details but before anyone jumped down my throat for "throwing my own family out on the street" I wanted it to be known that even besides what I wrote above, there is a lot more to the story than I could ever even write here.

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    Default Re: Can I Move Out Without Being Penalized if I Cannot Have My 'Room Mate' Evicted

    You should be looking toward helping mom into independent low income/elderly/disabled housing.

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    Default Re: Can You Break a Lease if You Can't Evict Your Roommate

    Your bad choice of roommate is your problem, not your landlord's. As your mother is not on the lease you should be able to evict her, but if you fail in that effort you're still on the hook for rent through the end of your lease. Perhaps it would be better to try to find your mother a suitable, long-term residence.

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