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    Question Hit and Run in Parking Lot

    My question involves an injury that occurred in the state of: Arizona
    So this accident occurred right in front of a police station. I was backing up, but I was between two large vans and had to back up slightly just to see what was coming. A Suburban was backing up from a space diagonal to mine, and when I saw it I stopped. The Suburban did not stop, and backed into me, causing $1700 worth of damage to my back hatch.
    Both I and the other driver got out of our cars to inspect the damage. The other driver was an older woman in her 60s, who said, “Well, it looks like every Injun for themselves.”
    I told her that I would need to trade Insurance information with her, and she told me “No.” She began to walk back to her car, and shouted over her shoulder that we were in a private parking area, and that she did not have to give me any information.
    She returned to her car, and I shouted to her that I had her license plate number. She did not respond, and drove away from the scene of the accident.
    I walked 30 feet away to the police station and gave the information to the officer, who tracked down the driver and provided me with her Insurance. I contacted her Insurance company and filed a claim.
    Her insurance company is now trying to say that we were both at fault, and is only offering me $800, not nearly enough to fix my damage.
    Should I take this to court? And what are my chances if I do?

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    Default Re: Hit and Run in Parking Lot

    Likely, you will be found 50% at fault. Consult your insurance company.

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    Default Re: Hit and Run in Parking Lot

    The fact that she fled the scene is potential criminal issue that the state will decide on.

    It has NO BEARING WHATSOEVER on fault for the accident.

    In this case it does sound like the typical "you were both at fault." Both cars were backing. Both were responsible for making sure you weren't backing into something else. The fact that you chose to do so when you could not safely see to complete the maneuver is not going to help you.

    You're lucky you got even 50%.

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