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    Default What to Expect Changing Unsupervised Weekends to Supervised

    My question involves a child custody case from the State of: Mo

    My daughter is 4 and her father and I have a pretty standard joint custody agreement. I am the custodial parent, and he gets her every other weekends and split holidays. Pretty standard, and was working out fine for awhile. He stopped communicating with me all together, his mother would be the one calling to meet me for thier weekends with my daughter and when me and my ex would talk, he was rude. Recently he has got into some trouble, mixed with the wrong crowd. He had his house broken into and tied to a chair until his mother found him 7 hours later. The people were arrested and all three wrote statements against him claiming he had large amounts of meth and marijuana in the house. Luckily my daughter was not present at this time. He has not yet been charged. I do not feel as if my daughter is safe in his home. Also, Ive got pictures of him holding up large amounts of marijuana, buying and selling drugs on his facebook.( who does that) Also bragging about how hes been up for 14 days straight. I printed this all out and now my lawyer has it. My lawyer seems to think it will be easy to get supervised visits with him, I want my daughter to know her father I just dont think its a good idea for her to stay over nights anymore.
    My question is- what will he try to use against me? I have a full time job, we live in a little trailer with my boyfriend (been with him for a year now), my daughter goes to daycare while I work. She is well taken care of and is very happy. I dont have anything on my record, not even a lousy speeding ticket. Her father also does not have a license because of three DUI's and had to complete a drug and alcohol class last year.

    now, i know these types of things can get pretty dirty...i just want to know what you thing? Do i have anything to worry about and how can i prepare?

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    Default Re: What to Expect Changing Unsupervised Weekends to Supervised

    We don't know what he might try to use against you, as we don't know the facts. You should discuss your concerns with your lawyer.

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