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    Default How to Renter the U.S. to Support My Sick Son and Daughter

    I came to the US when I was small. I got in a fight with my parents when I was 17 and they kicked me out, therfore not getting my appt for immigration. I was ordered a final removal in 2005 but since then got in trouble with the law. This past Jan 2012 i was deported. I have two us citizen child which i was supporting as well as a fiance that was soon to bee married. We have been together for 5 years. I also have a sick son in which needs me support also. Ive been going to court to get these charges dropped but ended up going to jail for driving without license after that i was deported. I have no family in Haiti and was adviced Haiti denied my return but was deported anyways. I was the sole bread winner of my family and was working with my uncle trying to turn my life around. Ive had lawyers that screwed me several times got my money and didnt help at trying to find out what i need to do in order to come back to the us. My birth certificate shows my moms name however she been moved to afraid for my life and also need to return for my kids..can you please advise..thanks in advance

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    Default Re: How to Renter Us to Support My Sick Son and Daughter

    You will likely not be eligible for return for 10 years. I suggest you relocate your fiance and kids to Haiti and build your life there. If she really loves you, she will do so.

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    Default Re: How to Renter the U.S. to Support My Sick Son and Daughter

    Did they notify you of a time limit at which time you could reapply? Even if you apply for and receive a waiver to reenter on the basis of hardship, it is not going to be anytime soon. You need to contact an immigration law specialist in this area and check with the immigrate2us forum which has many discussions on hardship waivers.

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    Default Re: How to Renter the U.S. to Support My Sick Son and Daughter

    The order of deportation was entered in 2005; he apparently did not leave, committed some crimes, and was ultimately physically removed from the country in 2012. I expect from that we're talking at least 10 years of ineligibility. Given his history of noncompliance with a deportation order, even assuming the only conviction on his record is for DWLS, I expect that snowballs have better chances in Hades than he does of being readmitted within months (or even a few years) of his finally being successfully removed. I agree, he should be working with a specialist lawyer to plan out a strategy, or looking at nations other than the U.S. where he and his family can live together.

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