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    Default Can an "Heir" Sell Interest in Re if "Grantee" is Still Living

    My question involves real estate located in the State of:

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    Default Re: Can an "Heir" Sell Interest in Re if "Grantee" is Still Living

    well, since this is real estate, if you deliver a quit claim deed, you would be transferring all the interest you currently hold in the property which amounts to exactly nothing. You cannot transfer your interest by a warranty deed since you own nothing and a warranty deed can only be used if you do hold a clear title to the property.

    So, since you do not actually own anything yet and may never own anything, you are left with selling your future interest in the real estate. Yes, you can do that but just what would happen if you never inherited the real estate?

    If you wish to actually do this, use a lawyer to write up the contract.

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