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    Default Medical Records and Military Records of Probationer's Family

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Texas

    I am on deferred adjudication Texas which ends June 2012. I have completed and complied with all terms and conditions of my probation. In passing, at different times, I have spoken of my husband's deployment to Afghanistan and my son's special needs. After our last meeting my probation officer began calling my mother in law, daily. To which, my mother in law won't answer the phone, because she has nothing to do with my probation. Then, today I received an email stating, "By next Friday I need your husband's deployment paperwork and your son's medical diagnosis." Am I required to send her this private information? They have nothing to do with my probation! Are they guarded by some privacy act or HIPAA? I am not sure how to respond to her, as I do not want to give her this information.

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    Default Re: Medical Records and Military Records of Probationer's Family

    I don't know the terms of your probation or why the probation officer deems the information necessary to closing out your case, so I'm certainly not going to tell you to blow off the request. You can consult a lawyer about your probation and about bringing a motion with the court to try to avoid turning over the requested information, or consider bringing such a motion yourself if you can identify valid legal grounds and figure out how to properly file, schedule and notice a motion.

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