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    Default VIN Number on Title Does Not Match Vehicle

    My question involves vehicle registration or title in the state of: IL
    I just bought a used motorcycle private party sale. I looked close at the title on this one before buying Monday night. Yep one owner, no leins, no other buyer names, If only I had looked at the VIN#. In prepping for the trip it IL DMV I discover the VIN on the title doesn't match the bike.

    Called the owner and went over he showed me recp't from dealer (purchased used) and the current registration which (you guessed it) all match the VIN on the title but not the bike. The PO bought it used at a long time dealer in the area. My guess is that the dealer either made a mistake (swapped) on titles at at the dealership or it came in that way and they either didn't look or looked the other way. Both the title I hold and the real title on the bike are for Black 79 XS1100s

    Went to DMV and explained, got a lot of blank stares and finally they said I had to take it to the police for a VIN check which I did. They, like me, ran the numbers and its not reported as stolen. I now have a official paper that says it is what I claim it is. Now DMV says "sorry that VIN is registered on a different valid title, probably not much we can do." I asked DMV if I could file for a lost title and they said no as I'm not the owner. I asked IL DMV how someone could have a title with my VIN# and they said it showed as a BONDED title and that they had posted a bond and no one challenged it (had a 3 year challenge).

    Called the PO owner back and asked when I could bring it back for a full refund (I'd rather get it figured out and keep it) and he offered to call the dealer where he bought it. Dealer called a little later and offered to contact who they got it from but stated "this was a consignment sale and we had nothing to do with the title" ++shock++

    I'm not expecting much out of the dealer for an old used bike sold 8 years ago but you never know. I prefer to work this from multiple angles. I could take the seller to small claims to get my $$$ back but I'd rather find a way to title and keep it. I could keep it and part it : ( I'd consider a titled frame purchase but prefer to have the frame/motor/title all match,

    I would think that DMV would now require the other title holder with my VIN to confirm their VIN, I had that happen in IA on an '45 pickup I owned, turned out mine was ok. DMV acted like I had missed my opportunity to object but unless you are in the process of registering the same VIN at the same time how would you know and wouldn't the registering person have to have shown proof of the bike or am I missing a crime thing here?

    If anyone knows what the next move is here in IL I would appreciate it.

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    Default Re: VIN Number on Title Does Not Match Vehicle

    Did you run both VIN's? It would be interesting to know if there's a second person facing exactly the same problem - a person holding title to a motorcycle with your VIN.

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