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    Default Rights of Family Members vs. an Independent Conservator

    My father died. My sister kidnapped (wording ?) my mother and put her in a maximum security locked Assisted Living.

    My sister filed in Probate Court to have her declared incompetent. I attended the hearing. My comments were very basic. If declared if such have it be done by a facility besides the institution which seems to like her money. ya sure...independent doctors and not just a doctor my sister got her to go to.

    The Probate Court just accepted the above without any new material.

    My mother is 92. What can you argue ? I just have to listen to the constant -- please get me out !!! I want to go back to my home !!! Medically she is fine but they scored her on some Alzheimer's as some dementia partial. ya know...progressing where it might be serious in 15 years

    The Probate Court appointed an 'independent Conservator' of her.... The argument was the children do not agree so...

    A lawyers office. The wife of the lawyer acts as Conservator.

    OK. Independent ? This person only listens to this sister and talks to other children as if they were dogs.(bad dogs)

    A person on Social Security Disability has resided in my mothers house for years. It was simply a matter of it is hard to live on a disability check and YES the parents address was support for those problems. (hold off the jokes..the person IS ill)

    The only initial comment by the Conservator was : I do not care about this person..just their mother...

    Soon comes the what the sister wants. Sell the address FAST. Get rid of any occupants FAST. The owner (my mother) is 92 so she will be dead soon anyway.

    The person on disability has been subjected to endless ABUSE. Orders to do everything on earth in impossible times. Impossible demands. Then come the verbal threats. Literally threatened with arrest 24/7 if you do not do this and that. IF YOU TELL THE PROBATE COURT you will be arrested. The Probate judge hates you anyway. Now demands to pay all the expenses of the property. (impossible)

    My mother still has plenty of money left and prior to being declared in-competent told the children she wants to hold onto her house/property for awhile and DO NOT WORRY.

    Does this disabled person have any options ? Under present circumstances they will be dead. Literally. I would assume this is the name of the game. They medically have problems and need support.

    To me despite opinions it is sickening to observe a Conservator cracking jokes 23/7 over anybody receiving disability benefits. I am sure some are lazy but ----------------

    My mother another issue. The disabled person chronically residing at her residence ? The Conservator can totally change the terms of living to get them out fast or dead ?

    You can not fight this sister. She spreads herself around 'as a messenger from God' and dupes everybody with her facts mixed with fiction. I think the game is she lives in a very conservative area and it works. It works here !!! If one believes in God and such I assure you this person is nothing but EVIL..of coarse if you believe such exists...

    Options for disabled person ? It is impossible for them to pay the total costs of upkeep of the estate whereas in the past they did live there for 'support' and paid minimal expenses.

    A Conservator that threatens people with arrest 24/7 ? Can you believe this is the wife of the new Town Attorney ?

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    Default Re: Rights of Family Members vs. an Independent Conservator

    When nobody in the family is willing to act as conservator, and the estate has sufficient assets to pay for a private conservator, the court will appoint a private conservator and that person will be paid.

    You chose not to follow the instruction to identify your state, and as different states use the term "conservator" in different manners you've left us unable to speak to the conservator's powers. If this conservator has oversight only of financial matters, mom's having somebody live with her would likely be outside of the purview of what that conservator can control, save perhaps for attempting to assess rent. But if this is a conservator of the person as well, then the conservator would likely have powers (check the court orders) to determine living arrangements and perhaps to remove a house guest.

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