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    Default Discipline and Alternative Placement

    My question involves education law in the State of: Louisiana

    I am an educator and consider myself knowledgable in special education law. I work at an alternative school, and I very often see students placed at my school 45 days as an intervention, or because of a series of serious behavior issues. They write in the IEP that they will reconvene in 45 days to discuss progress. When the time comes, they find reasons to keep them here to the point that they ultimately spend the rest of the year at an alternative site.

    It is my understanding that the only reason a special education student can be placed at an alternative location, or expelled, is if they commit a serious offense such as drugs, violence and weapons, and it is deemed that it is not a manifestation of their disability. Yet, here they are.

    I am correct in this, and if so, how do I address it?

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    Default Re: Discipline and Alternative Placement

    A child can be placed at an alternate school for years. If the IEP changed the placement to the alternate school, then that is their new school. However, if the IEP states that the placement is temporary pending a 45-day review, then the IEP team must meet and discuss whether or not to keep the child in that placement or if there is a more suitable place for the child.

    You can prepare a teacher report for the IEP meeting and you can advocate for the child to be returned to a less restrictive environment. Ultimately, it will be up to their home school and their parents to determine placement.

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