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    Default Will a Traffic Ticket Place Any Issues on Getting a Citizenship

    My mother is from Mexico and has lived with my sister and I in Texas for about 15 years. She's an illegal immigrant but has managed to stay under the radar because she has abided by the laws. We have always said that when I turned 21, I would apply to help her become a U.S. citizen. I turn 21 next year, and today she was stopped by a State Trooper because the license plate stickers on our car are expired and she was driving it like that either way. Furthermore, she doesn't have a license nor do we have car insurance. The officer let her go but gave her a ticket and she must go to court. We are now worried that in court her immigration status might come up and she might get deported. In the past- I'm talking about 8 years ago- she got a speeding ticket and was able to pay off with community service despite not being a U.S. citizen, is that still possible?

    My question is, if she does get deported? Will I still be able to help her become a U.S. citizen when I turn 21? Will it be more complicated?

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    Default Re: Will a Traffic Ticket Place Any Issues on Getting a Citizenship

    Will it be more complicated?
    It's already more complicated, and your mother's traffic ticket has nothing to do with it.

    She is illegally present in the US, and thus not eligible for the adjustment of status that is part of applying to get a green card for a relative already living in the US. Applying while she is illegally present will almost certainly get her deported. If she is deported - whether as a result of her court appearance or you attempting to apply for a green card for her - she faces a 10 year ban from entering the US.

    You need two attorneys - one for the traffic problems (that lack of car insurance and the expired tags are going to cost you dearly), and one for your Mother's immigration issues.
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