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    Yup somehow i can't imagine the suit being active after all this time but i guess you should consider it. Thanks for pointing it out.
    I can't either but if it wasn't, I am having a hard time figuring out what the OP was continuing to pay the attorney for.

    OP needs to provide much more information if they want any semblance of accurate answer.

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    Default Re: Attorney Requesting Court Date

    After digging thru my records my previous attorney sent me when he withdrew because I could not afford him I have found some papers that appear to be where I was sued May of 2007. I countinued to pay this attorney until June 2010. until I could no longer afford to pay him. Up until then I trusted him when he told me this would be no problem he told me he handled this kind of case all of the time. He never keep me informed as to what he was doing he just sent me bills and I did not know what to do except pay him. My stupidity I quess but I did not know where else to turn. So now what is it they want a court date to finalize the law suit or what? By the time the court date gets here it will have been 5 years since the origanal letter [suit] that I got from my former attorney [date on the papers he sent me] and more than 6 years since my personal last activity with them. So do I need to try and find an attorney to represent me or do I have a chance on my own? I really do appreciate all of the answers. I am just trying to keep it brief but will try to find any information needed to help me out. I am also trying not to vent my frustration out at former attorney. Is it normal to be 5 years since suit date before going to trial? If SOL has been tolled since then that means it does not help me at all. So is there no time limit from time of suit until court date? Thanks

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