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    Default Leaking Roof in Rental

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: Ohio

    I moved into a house in July of last year with my best friend. We actually viewed the house before it was ready, but the landlord promised that he would take care of a few basic things before we moved into the house. There was a large crack in the ceiling of the master bedroom that was still there when me moved in. Basically, we set a date to move in and promised our old landlords that we would be out by that date. It was either move into the new house or live in a hotel.

    The new landlord asked us to make a list of things that needed fixing around the house. We made the list, he stopped by and picked it up. Then...nothing. He called us to let us know that he lost the list, so we made a new one and gave it to him. The first time we had a storm, we noticed the roof leaking pretty bad. We called him, he said he'd get one of his maintenance workers out to the house and no one showed up. He called a few days later, angry because his maintenance worker stopped by and no one was there. Needless to say, we were all home all day when the guy said he would come by.

    He had one guy come out and go up on the roof. The guy came back and told us not to worry because he fixed the problem. Next rainstorm, more rain came. He finally sent another guy over back in the winter, who took one look at the roof and said it was shot. The landlord swore that it was just an open window in the roof that caused the leak, and that his guy was wrong.

    It's now April and the leak is much worse. The crack in the ceiling is so bad that it actually bows down. Even when we haven't had rain for weeks, the ceiling is still soft to the touch. You can clearly see some mold in the ceiling too. We've called him, sent him letters, texted him and even called his wife and nothing. I even offered to pay for an inspection/repair out of pocket and take it off the rent, which led to him claiming that he would fix it himself.

    What recourse do we have now? I know that we can put the rent in escrow, but I don't think that will get him out here to fix the problem. Every time it rains, I worry that the ceiling will come down. We obviously don't have the money to pick up and move right now, but I don't want to live with this leak...

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    Default Re: Leaking Roof in Rental

    Read this. If your lease is up at the end of June, which isn't too far away, I would be thinking about moving at that time.

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