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    Default Can You Sue Over an Instructor's Negative Remarks

    Im a Regestered Nursng student with outstanding midterm evaluation papers with all positive comments and no negative comments. My grades are average and passing. I have received nothing but positive remarks on all submitted work as well as having no unsatisfactory comments or clinical work experiences. I have a pplied for a nurse extern position at a local hospital thet required reference by my clinical work supervisors. After asking them to do the references I made a call to the hospital to be sure all my necessary paperwork had been submitted. The HR representative told me I had not been call ed due to "derogatory remarks made by my instructor and therefore would not be offered a job."

    I can satisfactorally prove that all mt work has been above reproach this sememster and that the teachers written comments reflect their satisfaction with my work and they had made no derogatory or unsatisfactory remarks about my work.

    Is a lawsuit a possibility in the state of WV ?

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    Default Re: A Possible Lawsuit

    do you know what your instructor said that was seen as derogatory?

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    Default Re: A Possible Lawsuit

    No, I know only what the Human Resourses personnel told me. She stated the "Derogatory comments" words. I have asked formally twice for the information and have not received a reply . I have taken that as a NO. My friend in HR said he wouldnt turn them over either for fear of a libel suit because of my age, etc. He said the only way he imagined me ever seeing the papers to know for sure what was said , was to pay an attorney to make a formal written request. I hope this helps, I feel they have black balled my career as a reg. nurse by their actions. They do have a history of desparate treatment toward me at the school.

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    Default Re: A Possible Lawsuit

    so you suspect it was something untrue but in truth, you have no idea what was said, correct?

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    Default Re: Can You Sue Over an Instructor's Negative Remarks

    OP, I had a former employee being interviewed for employment by the state police. The employee voluntarily quit a few months before, for another job and I had never given a negative review to her. I would never rehire her. I advised the investigators of same. Supervisors and professors do not always verbalize flaws they feel a person may have, to that person.

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