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    Question Petition for Court to Grant Ownership of Vehicle

    My question involves vehicle registration or title in the state of: Florida

    I have a 2005 Chuanl 150cc scooter that was never registered. It was taken in on trade for work performed valued at $400. I was given a bill of sale for $400 and the Certificate of Origin for a Vehicle that is signed by the dealer with a blank purchaser name. The previous owner purchased it in 2006 from China. No taxes or registration has been paid. DMV will not allow me to register without a Florida Title proving ownership. Previous owner isn't willing to go through the hoops to get a title for it and he doesn't have a bill of sale from the original dealer back in 2006. I called Chaunl of America (listed as dealer) and they said they don't keep records. I want to register it and DMV said that they need a title or they can do it with a court order of ownership.

    How do I compose a motion to the courts petitioning for legal ownership? I want to do it myself without the assistance of an attorney.

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    Default Re: Petition for Court to Grant Ownership of Vehicle

    You do a lot of research. If you're lucky, with some creative searching you'll find some pleadings you can modify. But seriously - drafting pleadings and walking you through filing a lawsuit is beyond what we can reasonably do for you in a free online forum.

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