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    Default Injured in a Parking Lot Accident

    I was driving through a parking lot (in N.C.). A women backed out quickly from a parking space and hit the side of my 1985 Mercedes and totaled it! I had the right of way. I was hit so hard that I blacked out from the jolt. I did not see her to stop. My daughter was with me and she couldn't get out of the car, because it was crashed in on that side. She climbed over the driver's seat. An officer was called to the scene and issued her a a citation. As time went on, we ended up having to have some PT and chiropractic care. I did get an attorney because her ins. co. wasn't offering me anything on my car. Because of the Dr.'s visits and all, it ended up that I was running out of time, so the atty. filed through the court and we ended up with a jury trial. This lady got a ticket and the side of car crashed in. Her back bumper had to be replaced. So at trial we were not allowed to mention the ticket, because it not a criminal trial. In the closing argument, her atty. told the jurors to mark NO on the very first question which asked if she was negligent and they could go home before lunch, but if they marked yes, they would have to read the rest of the paper and answer the questions. He kept repeating himself on that. So, the jury marked No and we walked away with nothing! She hit me! I have all my medical bills and my daughters. She received a ticket and I couldn't say anything. These jurors do not realize the mistake they made. What can I do?

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    Default Re: Injured by a Hit-and-Run Driver in a Parking Lot

    If the jury found that she was not at fault, you can discuss with your lawyer the possibility of appealing.

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    Default Re: Injured by a Hit-and-Run Driver in a Parking Lot

    My lawyer said she did appeal to the judge for a retrial, just to him and not a jury and he wouldn't accept. I did tell her unless she knew we could win, I didn't know if I could go through again. It was so wrong. I don't understand how that could happen. The judge read the NC drivers handbook on proper and safe driving in a parking lot be for e they were dismissed to reach a verdict.

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    Default Re: Injured in a Parking Lot Accident

    This means the judge felt the verdict was reasonable based on the evidence.

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