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    Default Can You Get Supervised Visitation Due to Ex's Girlfriends

    My question involves a child custody case from the State of: Tennessee

    I have been seperated for 2 1/2 years. I have asked my husband to not bring any of his girlfriends / female friends around the children. He only has them 4 days a month. But he continues to not only do so, but to tell my children who are 9 and 7 to lie to me about it. He has also refused to tell me where he lives (we are in the same city) so in the event of an emergency I wouldn't have the first clue on how to get to my children. I don't know anything about the people, if he's leaving the kids alone with them. Who they are anything. What legal recourse if any can I take to prohibit him from doing so. Would it be grounds to seek supervised visitation.

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    Default Re: Supervised Visitation

    Honestly? You can get a "no paramour" clause temporarily added to any current orders but that would not only apply to both of you, but would likely only last the duration of the divorce.

    After that, Dad will be allowed to have his girlfriends around the kids unless you can prove that they represent a danger to the kids. It might be craptacular parenting, but it's not illegal and for the most part judges won't prevent a parent from exposing their kids to the parent's new partner. You don't have any right to meet them beforehand, either.

    You can also request that Dad provides a current address - that's very commonly ordered.
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