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    Default What is the Best Way to Bring a Life Long Sexual Predator to Justice

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Pennsilvannia and a US Territory
    I know of a man who is a retired military and active in the police force. He has raped several girls in the family within a time span of about 30 years. We suspect he has done the same with his girlfriends daughters, in most recent years (last decade). What can we do to ensure his abuse stops? And what we should not do as not jeopardize the case. Thanks

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    Default Re: What is the Best Way to Bring a Life Long Sexual Predator to Justice (Criminal/Ci

    Were these attacks reported to the police at the time they happened?

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    Default Re: What is the Best Way to Bring a Life Long Sexual Predator to Justice (Criminal/Ci

    You cannot ensure that his abuse stops. What CAN be done is that individual victims can report the crimes to police, however, without EVIDENCE or a confession, odds that such reports will result in actual criminal charges is sketchy at best, and probability for conviction becomes incredibly remote. Statute of limitations issues may also arise, depending on the dates of the crimes, because while the CURRENT statute of limitations is generous, the statute of limitations that MATTERS is the one in place at the time the crimes were committed - and decades ago the SOLs were not nearly as victim-friendly as they are currently. If individual crimes weren't reported at the time so that they could be properly INVESTIGATED and evidence collected, the state has the equivalent of a gun with no bullets to bring to the fight. It's also likely to cause the DA an issue in that if the suspect is working for law enforcement, that means that he passed various forms of testing, potentially including polygraph or voice stress, and at least a thorough investigation of police reports against him, statements from neighbors, etc.

    Bottom line is that individual victims can (and should) file police reports. What might result from them given the time spans in question will depend on the quality and quantity of evidence that the state can find to support those reports. The more victims who come forward with their individual cases, and are willing to testify on the stand, the more shots the DA has to try to make a case, again, depending on the available evidence. It's likely that some victims will resist doing so, for their own reasons, and victims cannot be forced to report their victimization or cooperate with prosecution (some would rather leave the past in the past rather than dredge it all up again and have to re-live it on the stand). Thus, the answer to your initial question, "what can we do" is: encourage victims to report, and get them the support they need to understand how such reporting will involve them, potentially re-victimize them, and to ensure that resources are available to them should they decide to participate in the criminal process.

    What is the FAMILY doing INTERNALLY to ensure that the multi-decade long trail of victims stops? (Realizing that a criminal investigation and trial could take YEARS.) What assistance and support are the victims getting for themselves (adults) or getting on behalf of minor children?

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    Default Re: What is the Best Way to Bring a Life Long Sexual Predator to Justice (Criminal/Ci


    Thanks so much for your comprehensive response. I was almost certain that this is nothing short of a long shot. The acts involve all from inappropriate sexual discussions with children to rape of teenagers/adults. I am the one spearheading this since all involved had kept it silent. There is no reason to allow more children/women to suffer. I am aware that legally this has very little potential, but morally and for safety it needs to go somewhere. I am hoping that his victims will come forward and make the report, if anything at least it will all be known and the family can discuss it openly and stop covering and hidding this big elephant. He is the typical abuser, very charming and well liked by others and many do not suspect who he really is. He relies on the perfect image he's formed for himself, but I will not allow him to go on doing damage anymore.

    I do wonder what things we can do in addition to protect those in the family and around him? Thanks again.

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    Default Re: What is the Best Way to Bring a Life Long Sexual Predator to Justice (Criminal/Ci

    Such allegations can be known or shared without the filing of a police report. A police report only means that someone reported something to police, and nothing else. I can report to police that I was kidnapped by aliens, and while my statements may appear within the report, in and of itself my statements in that report, by themselves, are meaningless. In other words, without an actual criminal charge made by the state, a police report is basically hearsay - that something was REPORTED to police doesn't make it true.

    You and others can share your suspicions, or if you have personal experience with the subject, your experiences - but you must be VERY careful. Going beyond that can open you up to being sued for libel, slander, or both. Before you take steps that could potentially make HIM look like a victim, you really need to consult an attorney well versed in libel/slander law. As bad as things are now, you'll only feel worse if he ends up both getting off the hook AND winning a massive judgment against you.

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    Default Re: What is the Best Way to Bring a Life Long Sexual Predator to Justice (Criminal/Ci

    Again, Thanks so much for all your advise, point well taken.

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