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    Default Signed Up as Guarantor on Corporate Credit Cards Without My Knowledge

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: alabama
    I own a s corp service company in alabama , about 6 years ago my wife who was the secretary for my company then applied for and was granted credit cards from advanta, capital one , bank of america and wamu , she did this without my knowledge, signed my name to the applications , and used the cards to pay materials debts and i never knew till a year ago when she stopped paying them and then it showed up on my personal credit , i was told it never showed before because business cards dont report to personal credit unless there was a problem , she had these cards for 4 years and was current on all , each had a balanced owed of 20 thousand at the time i found out about it , i naturally hit the roof , then tried to get my head wrapped around what was going on, i settled the debt with each for 3500 each to get it settled and was glad to put that mistake away , since then i have these 4 accounts on my credit , they showed charged off or settled for less than owed , my question is can i get this off my credit or file charges against myself ? to get it removed , i have disputed the charges to no avail , i recently applied for a loan for a 12000 mower and was asked did i have anything that said this was company debt and not mine, i am paid as a employee and have always applied for credit and showed myself as a employee , i need to know what to do besides wait for 10 years for this to fall off , i have a creative lawyer but havent approached him yet , i wanted you guys opinion first , im still married to my wife and have since forgave her ,i keep both eyes open now ,but this credit thing is holding me back ,

    i am listed as the president on my corp documents ,

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    Default Re: Signed Up as Guarantor on Corporate Credit Cards Without My Knowledge

    You can talk to the creditors and see what, if anything, they can or will do for you. You haven't told us if you claimed identity theft at the time you negotiated your settlements, and I expect they will view that negotiation as having been a final resolution of your claims.

    I am not sure if you are interested in trying to build an identity theft case against your spouse. If the issue came to your attention with your settling these debts about two years ago, I am skeptical that a prosecutor would be interested in pursuing a case.

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