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    Default How Does an Unmarried Couple Divide Their Assets

    My question involves a domestic partnership in the state of: Ohio

    My fiancee and I have been together almost three years. We bought a house together a couple months ago and are supposed to be getting married relatively soon. In additional to the house, we have a joint checking account and joint credit card.

    I have recently decided to explore the possibility of ending the relationship. I am concerned not only in protecting my own interests, but also my fiancee's. If I go through with this, I would be moving out of state to pursue a relationship with someone I have found to be much more in tune with me. That would leave her with the house and credit card to be paying on. I am not interested in leaving her completely ruined. It's not like we are at each other's throats, I just don't think I'll be happy in the marriage. There are just too many things I feel we aren't in sync on. As some amount of an olive branch, I would like to offer an amount of money to be paid to her to still cover the mortgage and the credit card for what is on there currently and jointly purchased.

    Can anyone shed some light on the best way to go about this? I haven't talked to her yet about this, but as the wedding gets closer and closer, I know I will need to. While I realize that hurt is inevitable, I'm hoping that I can reach a point where we might both be happy.

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    Default Re: How Does an Unmarried Couple Divide Their Assets

    If you and she can handle it, sit down and write out a contract outlining how your joint and shared assets will be divided.

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    Default Re: How Does an Unmarried Couple Divide Their Assets

    Are more expenses being accured with plans for the wedding that you are not interested in having?

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