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    Default Driving on a revoked license in Illinois

    I received a dui in illinois in 2001 after I was convicted in 2003, my liscense was revoked for one year. I got the baid but, had it for six months and had to move due to my job. the secretary of the state told me to not leave the state with it in my vehicle.So I had it removed.When i returned back 3 months later I went for a hearing and they told me it was irresponsible so they refused me. Meanwhile I got a driving on a revoked, did 14 days in jail, 100 community service. Now six months later I get another one. I was on my private drive which looks like a regular street but isnt. Can a city police officer give me a ticket? The police officer was following my friend and I was about 5 blocks in front of them, then i turned down my road and my friend said he flew around him. Next thing i know he turns on his lights when I stopped at my house.Pulls up takes me to jail. He told me he had the secretary of the state on the phone, like he wanted me to feel like talking would help me. I told him i wanted my attorney. I bonded out for 100.00 Im searching for any help i can get.

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    Default Re: Driving on a revoked license in Illinois

    You only drove on the private drive? Is the private drive open to the public?

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