I moved to Washington State from California in 1999. In about 2007, I discovered that California had reported unpaid taxes to credit reporting agencies for the years 2001,2002, and 2003. I contacted California, sent them a signed statement attesting that I have not earned income in CA since 1999, and backed that up with copies of W-2s from 1999 to 2007. They removed the reported unpaid taxes for those years. The next year I received a notice (now that they knew how to contact me...at my home address in WASHINGTON!) that I had failed to file a tax return for 2004. I went through the same process again and, again, had the claim dismissed. Nonetheless, every year since, I get a notice that I have failed to file taxes in CA from a few years prior and a statement of taxes they claim I owe. This year, I sent a letter telling them how ridiculous this was and told them to look in the file they already had on me to find my W-2 proof because I wasn't going to jump through their hoops anymore. In response, they have seized over $1300 from my savings account.

All of this stems from the fact that I have a "professional license" in CA. In 1990, I obtained a private security guard license and worked for a time in private security. A CA private security guard license never needs to be renewed. So, it is essentially valid for life. But, since I still have a valid "professional license" in CA, they just assume that I am still using that license and claim that I owe X dollars in income tax (how they determine the amount has always been a mystery to me).

I'd love to sue the bastards for harassment, but know that's not realistic. Any advice on how to get them to give me my freaking money back and leave me alone permanently?