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    Default Left Client Due to His Conduct Towards Me

    My question involves business law in the state of: UK

    im in a bit of a pickle unfortunately but due to no fault of my own (I know, everyone says that right?)

    to sum up: I had a contract for a client through a recruitment agency. All was going well until a certain period of time. the manner and professionalism of the person was inappropriate and very rude. this guy even swears and shouts on the phone to his own wife, and we have all heard it.

    All the tasks were completed and ive gone above and beyond my call of duty for him and his business. I was the core part to "make things happen" technically.

    i left (on my terms) due to his conduct and professionalism towards me.

    he is now threatning me and says he is going to sue for loss of business. There actually isnt any loss of business. everything was done way ahead of schedule with great feedback from his customer but there was also too much politics involved and who gets what cut from the profits between him and his company and another company and his "business partner".

    he also says he wont pay me for the past 2 weeks - thats ok im not fussed about that as I was treated like a dog with what happened and completely went against what was agreed verbally and carried out then expect to change things within hours before a "meeting".

    anyone know where I stand on this? he has plenty of time to find a replacement anyway - just to make that clear. but he always wants something done "on the cheap".

    many thanks. and again - I have morals/values/ethics and would not stand for anyone who treats me or speaks to me wrongly at all. the guy started to leave voicemails/messages earlier today saying that he wants to try and save the burning bridges and today he starts with these threats.

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    Default Re: Left Client Due to His Conduct Towards Me

    As noted in both the registration and posting forms, we handle US law only.

    For matters of UK law, you might try here.

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    Default Re: Left Client Due to His Conduct Towards Me

    My apologies and thanks for your help

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