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    Question I Have Two SSNs

    I have two social security numbers. What can I legally do with them?
    I had a new ID card made and the DMV insisted that I HAD to put my ssn# on it in order to be able to revive a ID card.
    I argued the point, informing them about the Privacy Act. I was still denied without it.
    So I put a new set of numbers I knew no one had been issued. When they handed me my id card I went to the ssn office to get my old card replaced and they only asked me for my id and in less than 10what minutes they called me up and issued me the number from.the id card bot the computers. A few weeks later my new card came in the mail and I had found my old card. So now I have two numbers in the main data base.
    Did I mention that this happened the there day out of federal prison?

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    Default Re: I Have Two SSNs

    Legally, if it is true that you have been ISSUED two SSN's by the Social Security Administration, what you can do is go to the local office and have the two numbers cross referenced and you will be told to use the first number.

    If you made up a number to get a DMV card, you don't really have two numbers that belong to you. There are lots of people using made up SSN's for a variety of reasons. You will receive zero Social Security credit for any work you might do under the invalid SSN. You will never be able to claim unemployment benefits. The various government data bases will eventually cross reference and you may end up not being able to prove who you really are at a critical junction of your life. If you use fake ID to commit a crime, you have then committed two crimes.

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