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    Default Collections Won't Accept Payment Arrangements

    My mother (67 year old lady on a fixed income) owes a medical bill that has just gone into collections. The collection agency has not reported to the 3 credit bureaus yet and we are trying to keep that from happening. She owes $1,400.00 and wants to pay them $500.00 now, and two more payments of $450.00 for the next two months. They told her that it wouldn’t matter.... she has to pay the total amount in full or it will go on her credit report.

    I thought that if you made payment arrangements and paid on time it wouldn’t go on your report. Is this true?

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    Default Re: Collections wont make payment arrangements

    A collection agency does not have to agree to accept payments. The referral of a collection matter to a collection agency will normally appear on a credit report, along with any preceding late or missed payments - so if that hasn't happened yet, she's lucky.

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