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    Default How to Get an Incorrect State Tax Lien Removed

    2003- Received an incorrect 1099-Misc doubling the amount I was actually paid for 2002. A corrected 1099-Misc was issued and taxes filed appropriately.

    2004- received notices from the IRS that I owed money. IRS/State did not receive corrected 1099. Corrected ones sent, issue resolved for IRS, no money owed.

    2006- Receiving letters from the State tax office and GET tax office stating I owe money for 2002- again for that incorrect 1099.

    March 2006- Hashed it out with HI tax office, and after some back and forth I got them to see I didn't have to re-do my taxes, my taxes were correct, and I did not owe any money. Sent in copy of corrected 1099, explanation, and correspondences I had with IRS and agency that submitted incorrect 1099. Was told it would suffice.

    July 2006-STILL receiving notices from the state & got a FINAL notice of corrections and it stated a lien would be issued. State said corrections had not yet posted to my account and to call collections. Called collections department & was informed that a lien had already been posted and there was nothing they could do about it.

    October 2006- Release issued by HI Tax Office

    January 3, 2009- All 3 credit bureaus reporting my state tax lien as "outstanding". Disputed with all 3 agencies, but instead of removing the item as requested, they only updated records to reflect lien as "released". Credit report shows lien filed 4/2006 and date resolved 10/2006, making it appear as though I paid the lien, even though it was found I did not owe the state any money.

    2009- Tried to refi my house, but was rejected because of the lien. Tried to appeal to State of HI, but they bounced me from one department to another (taxpayer services, collections, Bureau of Conveyances, Department of Taxation) all to no avail. They all stated they could not help me.

    So...Is there ANY way to get this off? I'm trying to get a bigger house for my growing family, but everyone is calling for stellar credit reports nowadays and this lien is still hurting my credit. This is the only bad mark on my credit report. I haven't been able to get past the low 700's. There is nothing incorrectly listed on my lien or release so I can't dispute it that way

    If there really is no way to get this off, how much longer do I have to wait? I've seen some sites state 6 years, some 7, and others up to 15.

    Thanks for any assistance you can provide!

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    Default Re: How to Get an Incorrect State Tax Lien Removed

    If your complaint is that, although the issues with the state are fully resolved, your credit report contains negative information, that's a problem. The credit reporting agency is entitled to have correct information on its reports. There's the option of adding an explanation, but realistically speaking that's not going to carry any weight with creditors.

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