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    Default Kansas Emancipation

    Hi , I am a father of a 17 year old daughter that has been getting into trouble with the law.

    I am also disabled & I can't afford this at all . , The "Summons" to court & all the drug evaluations & conseling also have my name on them.

    My daughter is pretty much out of control & I want to "Emancipate" her. , Its not personal , But I want my name & responsibilities off of her problems permanantly.

    Is this possible ??.....I am in Kansas

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    Default Re: Kansas Emancipation

    honestly im 15 years old and im having trouble with my fater and the way he treats me just a question do u give her attention

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    Kansas statutes provide:
    Quote Quoting Kansas Statutes, Section 38-108. - District court may confer rights of majority.
    That the district courts for the several counties in this state shall have authority to confer upon minors the rights of majority, concerning contracts and real and personal property, and to authorize and empower minors to purchase, hold, possess and control in their own person and right, and without the intervention or control of a guardian or trustee, any goods, chattels, rights, interests in lands, tenements and effects by such minor lawfully acquired or inherited; and such minor shall have full power to hold, convey and dispose of the same, and to make contracts and be subject to all the liabilities incident thereto, sue and be sued, and in all respects to exercise and enjoy all rights of property and of contracts in the same manner and to the same extent as persons at the age of majority.
    According to the ACLU of Kansas and Western Missouri,
    Quote Quoting Is there any way to be legally recognized as an adult even though I'm not 18?
    Yes. In Kansas, everyone 16 or over or who is married is recognized as an adult in all matters relating to contracts, property rights, and liabilities - and has the capacity to sue or be sued.

    Another way to gain legal adult status before you turn 18 is through emancipation. Emancipation means you are self-supporting, free from parental control, and you have all the rights and responsibilities that come with adulthood. In Kansas, if you are accompanied by someone over 21, you can apply for emancipation by filing a petition stating your age, that you have lived in Kansas for at least one year, and the reasons that you want to gain the rights and responsibilities of an adult. A judge may grant you emancipated minor status if he or she finds that you are of sound mind, that you can transact your own affairs, and that your best interest is promoted through emancipation.
    Your county family court may be able to provide you with information on how to initiate an emancipation petition.

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