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    Default Contractor Damaged Client's Floor, Dispute Over Compensation and Payment

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Arizona
    My company got a simple contract to do a painting job. the house was full of contents
    and we scratched the engineered flooring near the sofa. We have offered to replace or repair
    the wood flooring, but the client has refused to give us a chance at repair or replacement of the
    damaged area, and he is getting estimates to replace his whole floor. He has not paid for any material
    or labor for any part of the contract, and refuses to do so until he decides which estimate he will use for total
    flooring replacement. We are well documented with pictures of his floor, the damage we did is 5% of the damage
    allready existing to his entire floor. what are my options


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    Default Re: Contractor Damaged Client's Floor, Dispute Over Compensation and Payment

    Get your own estimates for repair or replacement of the damaged area - keeping in mind the difficulties associated with patching or spot repair of an engineered floor (the finish of a new box of the same flooring material won't match, aluminum oxide finishes are difficult to sand, the microbevel gives the floor an appearance that could become quite odd if only one area were sanded and refinished - and a sanded, refinished patch would also likely be in significant contrast to the rest of the floor, both in color and sheen), and try to get an estimate for the diminution in value based upon the damage you caused. You can use that information when you negotiate and, if necessary (along with the testimony of your flooring expert) litigate the matter.

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