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    Question Sister in Law Passed, Father Seemingly Unfit, Want Guardianship of Three Daughters

    My question involves guardianship in the State of: Missouri

    I am going to try and make this as clear as possible....

    Coming on almost two weeks, my sister in-law passed. My husband and I just returned from the funeral to find out that the children have now are all been placed somewhere else by Family Services. One is with their fathers mother (L1) and two are with foster care (L2,L3). (L1 has a different dad then L2, L3).(Ages L1 is 6 yrs old, L2 is 1 yr old, and L3 is 1 month old). Family services said this is only until Monday and they will all have to go back to court to figure things out.

    L1 and L3 were with my in-laws, and L2 was with her other grandpa (the father's dad). The children were taken because after a drug test, both grandpas were positive for alcohol. The father of L1 wants custody and the father of L2 and L3 only wants custody of L2.

    My husband and I have discussed it, and we are willing to take custody of all 3 just so the girls can all live together. We both are currently Active Duty military members and (he has 2 yrs till he retires) and I have 9 yrs till I retire if I stay in or 7 months if I choose to get out. We have 3 children ourselves, 14, 11, and 6. We are currently stationed in Oklahoma.

    My question is if we fought for non-custodial parental rights, what kind of process are we looking at? Or is that even a good route to take. Tomorrow I will go to legal services, but I really wanted to post here to see what kind of answers or knowledge I could get.

    Thank you in advance for any assistance.

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    Default Re: Sister in Law Passed, Father Seemingly Unfit, Want Guardianship of Three Daughter

    With you both being active duty, that's really not going to make it easy for the state to put the kids into your care.

    Not saying it's impossible, but it's a definite point against you. Living in a different state doesn't help you, either. You also need to be speaking with Family Services since they're involved.
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