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    Default Marrying a Green Card Holder


    I am 25 years old and currently working with a multinational firm. I currently hold an Indian Passport. My boyfriend is in USA and working there. He has a green card (LPR). We are planning to get married this December.
    If I apply for a greencard based on our marriage, please let me know the waiting time?
    Also, I have a B1 visa for my work meetings. I understand this is a temporary visa with a duration of 6 months only and I wont be able to work on it. I however can visit him.
    I want to stay with him rather then just visit him. Please suggest whats the way to move forward?

    Also, I will get Portuguese nationality by the end of this year as my dad just became a portuguese citizen. I have a choice to take up the citizenship or stay Indian. I am in a fix. If it helps me go to my boyfriend faster, I might actually do that.

    Can you please help me with this?

    I am desperate.

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    Default Re: Marrying a Green Card Holder

    You're apparently looking at a couple of years at the very least; it might actually be easier (if he's eligible) for your boyfriend to naturalize and then sponsor you as his spouse.

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    Default Re: Marrying a Green Card Holder

    Country of birth ( not naturalized citizenship) determines wait times.

    A B1 visa entry is for work of specific types. B2 visa entry is for visiting. Once you marry, you will be required to reply properly to any immigration form or officials questions regarding your relationship to your husband. It is possible that your application for entry at the border will be denied as it should be since you have admitted on a public forum that it is not your intent to "visit" but to "stay" - i.e. live in violation with the terms of your admission if on B2.

    If you do not want a long distance marriage, he will need to arrange to live with you in a country where you both may live. Alternatively, postpone your marriage until he obtains his citizenship and can sponsor you as an immediate relative. He can give up his US green card and move to India to be with you permanently which he would gladly do and you would welcome if the relationship were more important than the green card.

    There are no shortcuts to US permanent residency. If there were, there are far more people with more compelling stories than yours. You are not even married and want to get to the front of the line when many tens of thousands of people have been separated from their family for many years already. They are waiting patiently and not trying to scam the system by obtaining citizenship in a third country that they have no intent of using.

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    Default Re: Marrying a Green Card Holder

    Thank you for your advice. I understand how difficult it will be for families who are seperated. It is very very difficult to live away.

    I am curious to know, incase you have information, how long will it take for a person with green card to apply for naturalization and once he applies after that wait and reporting period in US, does he get citizenship instantly or it takes a lot of time after that too?

    My fiance has been there since a year now. So I guess another 4 years if I am not wrong right? And then he cn apply for citizenship. Whats the period of wait after that?


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