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    Default Non-Distribution Order

    My question involves a marriage in the state of:PA

    I am currently in negotiation for a divorce in PA. My husband has JUST left the state of PA and taken all our assets (savings account) with him. He has even put his girlfriends name on our marital savings account.

    I believe he plans to retire early from the state of PA - he will not tell me the exact plan or date - and therefore I was told I could file a non distribution order in order to stop the PA retirement funds from being given to him until the divorce is final. I'm assuming it's not too difficult and wondering if I can get a little information from you. Would this also work for savings accounts or anything else? My hope is that I can get some of our savings back from the retirement funds if need be.

    And just so I'm clear he's 53 and simply taking an early retirement to flee from paying child support and medical insurance and go live in another state..will the court hold him to those payments even if he retires and is making less money per month?

    Thank you for your help.

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    Default Re: Non-Distribution Order

    You should retain a lawyer and make sure that your motions are filed in proper form, with orders promptly obtained and served on all affected parties.

    We can't realistically walk you through the process of drafting, noticing, serving, and arguing motions, how to get an order entered, and how to serve it on the financial institutions and plan administrators, within the context of a free online forum. You may be able to find a practitioner's guide to family law in the county law library or an area law school library that covers the issues - although I expect they would span a number of chapters.

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