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    My question involves guardianship in the State of: Michigan
    What happens when you get emancipated? what are the rules after you get emancipated? Can you live with someone else? I know you have to have certain qualifications but I want to know about it do you become an adult?

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    Just because you do not like the answers is not a reason to start a new thread. Why are you not in school? It is 9:15 AM?

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    You are declared a legal adult by the state. Before you can be emancipated, you need to prove to the satisfaction of the state that you are capable of paying 100% of your own support. That means that YOU, with no help from anyone, can pay the market rate for rent, utilities, food, clothing, staples, transportation, insurance, medical care, school fees and supplies, and all the other incidentals of life. While you can live with someone else, you have to prove to the state that you will not become a burden on the taxpayers if that person kicks you out, or gets hit by a bus, or is transferred to New Zealand and cannot/will not take you with them.

    Beyond that, the rules for emancipating are elsewhere on this site. If you feel you are mature enough and knowledgeable enough to be considered a legal adult, you won't need my help in finding them.

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