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    Default Printing Error on Ticket

    My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: Washington

    Just got a ticket - I'm going to respond not guilty, request discovery, and go from there.

    Right off the bat, I have five questions:

    1) Compared to another WSP 8.5x11 thermal paper ticket I saw on another post, it's clear that the ticket I was given had formatting issues, and a good portion of the margins were chopped from the page. (see below for examples). Is this worth anything?
    2) Probably related to the printing issue, my license plate is not on the ticket here. It's probably there & was just cut off. If it isn't there (when I get discovery paperwork) is that worth anything?
    3) I was never asked to sign anything, maybe the WSP doesn't do that any more?
    4) Should I return the original ticket, or a copy? And should I use something trackable?
    5) When I return my ticket, I am worried that the clerk won't be able to do anything with it given that the numbers at the top are cut off. How do I make sure they have successfully received my response. Or would it be a good thing if they didn't record my response AND I had proof that I sent it?

    Thanks, here are the pictures:

    The Ticket I Received (With the bad margins)

    The Sample Ticket I found

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    Default Re: Printing Error on Ticket

    These tickets get cut off like this all the time. I have never seen a judge dismiss for this reason. It really isn't worth your time.

    If you're worried about the ticket not being traced, search your name on See if any of the cases are in Kittitas if there are, use that same case number and file a "Request for Contested Hearing" on a separate pleading. This means you will send in a completely different sheet of paper. Attorneys do this ALL the time for their defendants. If you need a sample form, let me know.
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